The School Activity Accounting Intelligence software application provides everything necessary to handle financial reporting from all school sites. All of the modules within the application are tightly integrated and allow for distributed data entry in order to report in the timeliest manner to the District Financial office. Centralized data storage allows easy audit ability and support from a District perspective.


Cash Disbursements

  • Invoice Entry and Maintenance
  • Computerized Check Writing & Registers
  • Check Reconciliation
  • Accounts Payable Distributions Across Multiple Funds
  • Cash Requirements/Available Statement
  • Disbursements Journals
  • Vendor Payment History
  • 1099 Processing

Cash Receipts

  • Cash Receipts Recording
  • Cash Receipts Journals
  • Cash Receipts History
  • Vendor Interface
  • Multiple Report Options

Cash Transfers

  • Cash Transfers between Funds
  • Cash Transfers Journals
  • Cash Transfers History
  • Multiple Report Options

General Ledger

  • Financial Reports
  • Journal Entry Capabilities
  • Multiple Reporting Options
  • Interfaces to and from All Other Modules
  • User Defined Chart of Accounts
  • Online Inquiry
  • State Reporting Capabilities
  • User Defined Reporting Options
  • Interface to/from Financial Accounting Intelligence Application
  • Facility Level Reporting

State Reporting

  • Consolidation for General Fund Interface
  • DE0046 File Interface

Fixed Asset Inventory

  • Asset Condition
  • Purchasing Account History
  • Location of Asset
  • Tracking of Movement
  • Salvage Value
  • Repair History
  • Barcode Data Entry Capabilities
  • GASB34 Compliant
  • Depreciation Calculations