The Human Resources Online software tackles many of the daily tasks of the Human Resources Department with ease. H/R employees can interactively post information such as recruitment schedules, news, document libraries, post salaries and archive information for future reference. With this software, H/R managers can effectively communicate to school district employees as well as find those eager candidates to fill job vacancies. Individuals wishing to apply for positions can use this software to browse jobs, view recruitment schedules, apply online and more. Applicant demographic information can be integrated into our FAI Applicant Tracking module as a single source of data entry.

  • Browse and Apply for Jobs Online

  • Post Jobs on the Web

  • Post News and Events

  • Post Salary Schedules and Other Documents

  • Archive and Store Applications

  • Secured Administrators can search through and print Applicants

  • Post Departmental Policies

  • Post Recruitment Schedules

Export Applicant Demographic Information to Administrative Systems